louteasdale: It’s a lovely daaaaaaay

louteasdale: It’s a lovely daaaaaaay

Naya arriving at a hotel in Beverly Hills

Naya arriving at a hotel in Beverly Hills

Watching your new kitten all day is both exhausting and AMAZING.

So adorable.

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"I don’t mind them writing about the characters, but when they write about us, doing things, with each other… It’s, it’s just, it’s uncomfortable. It’s way too far. ‘Cause it’s like, I mean like, they’re co-workers, they’re like siblings, y’know, you don’t want to read things about you… doing stuff. It’s, oh, god, it’s just, no, terrifying."
— Chris Colfer on fanfiction (x)

Will Sherrod left a comment on Chris’s instagram picture. 

Will Sherrod left a comment on Chris’s instagram picture


Rita Volk trying to howl

Rita you adorable doof <3

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tharabidfangirl asked: Oh my god all the things on that list but most importantly fAKING IT YOU LIKE FAKING IT YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO CRY OVER FAKING IT???!?!

I think saying I like Faking It is an understatement! I haven’t loved a show like that since Glee first started.September 23rd seems sooooo far away haha. But I thought we wouldn’t get it until next summer, so that’s better than I expected :)

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If you post a lot of the following things then you can either like this post, follow me, message me, whatever and I’ll (most likely) follow your blog.

  1. Lea Michele
  2. Naya Rivera
  3. Chris Colfer
  4. Heather Morris
  5. Dianna Agron
  6. Fifth Harmony (especially Camila)
  7. Brittana
  8. Demi Lovato
  9. Orange is the New Black

Unless you post a lot of the following:

  1. Klaine
  2. Blaine Anderson
  3. Orphan Black (I don’t actually dislike it, I just don’t watch it)
One Year Later

On July 13th, 2013, the world lost a very special individual. From everything we saw and from all of the stories we’ve heard, it sounds like Cory was one of a kind. 

He is missed, but he’ll live on in the hearts of those he loved, as well as in spirit through the fandom. We may not have experienced the joy of knowing him personally, but it’s safe to say he had a huge impact on many individuals and brought smiles to the faces of millions.

He was not his addiction. He was a human being who was and is loved. 

May he finally rest in peace and may those who love him find peace as well <3


                          “Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone”
                                  Cory Allan Michael Monteith (1982-2013)
Anonymous asked: Hey, me again :D. I just wanted to tell you that not much had changed, I mean obviously uni ended but our hometown is the smallest little town; I'vs ran into her a couple of times. It's hard seeing her especially since Ali went back home to see her family. We never actually speak, just awkardly stand face to face before I turn and leave. I'm gonna have to see her tonight though because one of our friends' bachelorette party is tonight and were both invited. I hope it goes okay 😩.

I hope the bachelorette party went well! It’s always sad drifting from someone, whatever the reason. Sometimes being friends again is tough, but at least getting it to the point where you both can be at a party together and not have to worry about awkwardness is great. I have that with a girl I fell for a few years ago. The way things went down, we can never be close friends again, but when we see each other now at parties of mutual friends we talk and actually have a good time together, no faking it or awkwardness. Will Ali be back in your town soon? 

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Everyone please keep Becca Tobin in your thoughts/hearts/prayers tonight

As well as all of the family and friends of Matt Bendik. Rest in Peace.



Trust me when I say this will be the first and last time I mention him here, but quick question…

That homophobic HIV vine that Nash Grier posted, apparently it was posted back in April? Why is it just becoming an issue in July? I’m shocked it wasn’t a huge deal back in April, unless I just missed something.

Anyone know why it suddenly blew up now?

It doesnt MATTER when it became a big issue. ITS A FUCKING ISSUE.


Listen, you’re preaching to the choir. I was simply curious, not implying that it’s any less of an issue because it’s months later. The reason why I was curious was because it is such a disgusting thing to say, which is why I would have expected this to blow up right away, despite it apparently being deleted relatively quickly.

So again, sure the time frame doesn’t particularly matter, but I’m very much allowed to question how something like this was relatively ignored in the first place. So thanks for your reply.